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L60 With Card

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Tired of filling blister cards by hand? Consider automating with the DOSIS L60, the most widely accepted single-medication blister card automation in the U.S. pharmacy market. The L60 is truly hands-free way to fill blister cards of any quantity, including calendar-filling to match the card numbering to the day of the month. Our versatile automation is designed for on-demand and cycle filling. The system works directly with your pharmacy's information system so that the L60 fills, seals, and patient labels the prescriptions. Due to the hands-free nature of the L60, it really is a great extension to your staff that will increase your pharmacy's productivity.

Prepack Cards

Pre-Pack Manager

The DOSIS Pre-Pack Manager is a great add-on feature that enables pharmacies to easily keep the right quantity of pre-pack items available on hand. As each inventory item drops below its entered par level, the DOSIS system automatically queues pre-pack cards in the robot to restock the inventory back to the par level. The ability to maintain lower par levels turns your pre-pack inventory every three or four days and significantly reduces inventory on hand.
Time Pass Label

Time-Pass Prescription Labels

Another great add-on option that you can add to a base DOSIS system that can have a huge impact to reduce labeling touch-time. If your customers are requiring you to put administration time stickers and/or auxiliary labels onto each prescription then let the DOSIS software add it to your label as it is dispensed from a DOSIS L60. Our team can work with you to develop a custom label that contains all of the data on your labels. You do not need to touch every card dispensed from an L60. Typically, it makes all your cards look consistent to customers with the bonus of getting it correct every time.
C60 With Card

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The DOSIS C60 fills, seals, and patient-labels 15/16 day single medication blister cards used for narcotics in LTC, institutional, and correctional facilities. As a part of your pharmacy's control process, C60's inventory reports show the current stock level of each medication. Retrieve your reports from any computer in the pharmacy. Daily and shift audits are quick and accurate. DOSIS integration adapts into your workflow and automatically enforces your best operating procedures. The DOSIS C60 is safer and more accurate. The DOSIS C60 provides better service to you and to your customers while easily maintaining compliance with your controlling agencies.

Both Pre-Pack Manager and Time-Pass Prescription packages are also available.

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The U60 and the L60 have the same filling capabilities, with the exception of labeling on the back of the card. The U60 is capable of printing on each blister cup; the necessary information to make the card labeled by each dose on the card. For example: Drug Name, Manufacture, Lot Number, and Expiration Date. For many states that require reclaim, the U60 is the best solution on the market. It is a hands-free unit-dose that comes out with the patient label and prints on the back of each blister location.

Both Pre-Pack Manager and Time-Pass Prescription packages are also available.

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ClearView blister materials are made for prescriptions to be dispensed into blister card packaging. Designed to be a more intuitive solution for your patients, the blister materials are also automation friendly at an attractive cost point. These all-plastic cards are sturdier and are much better suited for the day-to-day handling in med carts and nursing stations. With many options available, choose the ClearView packaging that best suits your customer needs.

Single-Med Cards

Single-Medication blister cards are built as an all plastic blister card, superior to similar cardboard solutions. ClearView will be offered in both 30 and 31 day blister card arrangements.

Built for our DOSIS U60 automation, ClearView will offer a unit-dose variant designed for use in the DOSIS U60 enabling printing on the back of each bubble/cavity. ClearView unit-dose packaging is the most cost-effective unit-dose option available in LTC, built for Unit-dose compliancy and reclamation of medications.

ClearView Unit-dose Offerings:

Front of Card Diagram Back of Card Diagram Single-Med ClearView Card

Multi-Med Cards

ClearView Multi-Med cards are the most intuitive multi-medication packaging available in the US market today. The unique all plastic solution allows for easy view of medications in each blister cup. Combining the clear blister with externally printed Patient Info Cards, it is the most marketable and flexible multi-medication blister solution on the market today. The Patient Info Card offers full-color printing, instructions, pictures of medications, and warnings noticeable and clear for caregivers and patients. Brand each prescription with your pharmacy messaging and build awareness of your value-added services. All these features help make your pharmacy better at providing compliant multi-medication packaging.

Front Example Back Example Multi-Med Card
Time Pass MPAQ

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Print each prescription directly to the correct work center for filling. Format each prescription as needed for that facility, type of medication, or hours-of-administration. Based on the data in each prescription transaction and the rules you establish, mPAQ Printing chooses the correct printer and format desired. This eliminates wasteful label sorting and empowers technicians to spend more time filling and checking rather than walking back and forth in the pharmacy. Automatically printing auxiliary information and color-coded med-pass labeling dramatically reduces mistakes and labor.

Prepack Manager

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For pharmacies using pre-packs, DOSIS Pre-Pack Manager significanlty minimizes the inventory and reduces the labor required throughout the pre-pack process. Pre-Pack Manager automatically drives consumption and restocking of pre-pack cards via the DOSIS robots.

Pharmacy Management Systems

Compatible Pharmacy Management Systems

DOSIS fully integrates with your Pharmacy Management software in such a way that it is an extension of your current prescription filling process. To achieve this level of integration, DOSIS supports electronic software interfaces. We have several existing interfaces with PMIS providers and are always willing to add new ones. Many of our interfaces are based on the HL7 specification.

Existing PMIS Interfaces:

  • Cerner - Etreby
  • Computer-Rx
  • Digital-Rx
  • Foundation Systems, Inc.
  • HBS
  • Kalos
  • Lagniappe Pharmacy Services's RX-1
  • Lake Country Systems
  • Newtech - Prism
  • Nextra
  • PDX
  • Prodigy Data Systems
  • QS/1 - PrimeCare
  • Rx30
  • Suite-Rx
  • Softwriters - FrameworksLTC
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